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BelAir VER-1 Black

Rare BelAir Model - Only 10 ever made.


• 1 5/8” string spacing at nut
• 2 1/64” string spacing at 12th fret
• 2 3/32” string spacing at saddle
• 36 ¾” overall length
• 17” Body length
• 13” width at lower bout
• 8” width at upper bout


• Body Shape: Leach Designed Single Cutaway
• Neck Material: Canadian Maple
• Body Material: Alder
• Fingerboard Material: Rosewood
• Pickup Type: Custom TONERIDER™ “Vintage P-90 Soap Bars”
• Finish Color: Black
• Scale Length: 24 3/4”
• Number of Frets: 20
• Proprietary Voyage Air Captured Nut
• Patented Voyage Air Neck Hinge
• Position markers: Mother of Pearl Dots
• Pickguard: Classic Red/Brown Tortoise
• Tuners: 3 on a side, diecast, button
• Hardware plating: Chrome
• Strings: Daddario 11’s
• Case Included: DuraTrans™ Semi-Hard


The Voyage Air Belair is the only full-size guitar that is convenient to travel with, the case being just a bit larger than a standard laptop case. Capturing the vibe from the earliest days of the electric guitar, this guitar has a stunning high-gloss black finish, and wears a deeply-patterned tortoise pickguard. For the period-accurate vibe, this guitar is fitted with two custom Tonerider™ “Vintage 90 Soap Bar” pickups, and a three-position toggle switch. The tone is warm, yet articulated, and has punch and sustain that is more than surprising. A versatile instrument, the BelAir is at home with slide, rock, blues, funk, and jazz. Fitting its status, this guitar sports deluxe features ordinarily found on much more expensive instruments: solid Alder wood body, solid Canadian Maple neck topped with a solid Rosewood fingerboard, mother-of-pearl fret position dots, and a bridge that’s adjustable for individual string intonation and height.

The Voyage Air Belair. Easy play. Vintage vibe. 21st century portability. Take it anywhere. The price includes the Dura-Trans carry case that is slim, lightweight, tough and features a zippered laptop/accessory pocket for all your musical needs. Now everyone can afford to take along a great sounding, easy playing guitar wherever they might go. You can determine where to PICK WHERE YOU PLAY!



I received the guitar today. It’s beautifully designed and crafted, the set up right out of the case is great and those P-90 style pickups have a nice tone! I’m very happy with new travel companion.
– Jason F


Have guitar, will travel
– Brody Stevens, Wells Branch TX


When I’m flying with a guitar and have to walk for long distances through airports, guitar cases—especially those ATA style which are strong enough for air travel get extremely heavy and your hands stiffen up and cramp, making it difficult to go straight from the airport to the stage. I’ve found that this guitar is—period, the end—the greatest guitar when you have to fly. I don’t have to worry about turning it over to somebody to find someplace to put it; I’ve just got it with me. I put it on my back and walk wherever I need to go, and it’s so light I almost forget it’s there.
- Jason G. Santa Rosa CA


The ultimate travel guitar. In the past, traveling for me was mandatory. There were many aspects of the so-called glamour’s of traveling and some are: being in exotic locations, seeing new places, meeting new people, trying exotic foods, experiencing life as other live it and sometimes catching a nice cold or flu! Nevertheless, if you don't have your favorite musical instrument handy, when the day settles down, you might feel a void in your life. Enter Voyage Air Guitar and my brand new BelAir…
- Pat, Dallas TX


These guitars are nice. I've tried several models and can tell you that you simply fold the guitar in half and pack it away. Once you relocate, unpack it, unfold it and hello = start playing! Mine stayed in tune as well! I've just purchased the BelAir. The guitar sits very much like a Les Paul but with P90 pickups. Nice! Great tone and it plays well too. The hinge is very durable and the locking mechanism for the neck is extremely trust worth. I found no tone suck on this instrument. Honestly, I didn't want to like it but it worked so well I find it hard to offer any criticism.
- Randy Martinez, Phoenix AZ


The Voyage-Air BelAir is awesome; it's an electric guitar with the same neck that folds in half like their acoustic guitar. Electrics are much more durable...and quieter in the hotel rooms as you can use headphones with an IPad or IPhone for the effects. If you are going one destination for the week, then fine, just leave it against the wall in the hotel and it would do you very well. Voyage-Air Guitars are worth what they are charging in my opinion. After unfolding my is usually only the first string (little E) that you will have to tune up just a little bit. That's pretty impressive when you think about it. In comparison to the Stewart Stowaway...forget about it. These guitars have zero intonation issues!
I've traveled with Martin Backpacker guitars which do well but my new Voyage Air is a huge step UP and an instrument you can actually gig with. No more traveling with my cheapest most expendable guitar!
- Sean F. Oakland NJ


I really dug the BelAir as I could take various play along devices in my suitcase while this instrument could easily be carried on to an airplane. If you have a chance to play a Voyage Air, do it! You will be pleasantly surprised!
- Debbie H. Cary NC


The guitars themselves are extremely well built, and the BelAir that I tested ranks among the best playing electrics guitars for its price I've tried in some time.
- David Holland Linthicum Hills MD

Watch & Listen

Editor's Note: Everyone here at Voyage Air Guitar would like to thank Todd and all at Makin Music for this wonderful and incredibly informative video about our TransAxe Series BelAir. We couldn't have said and done it any better ourselves. Even we didn't notice Todd was wearing our guitar at the beginning! However, we thought it would be beneficial to clarify a couple of Todd's comments. In the video at approximately 2:20 he mentions that the guitar can have "tremolo" and implies that it is because the neck has play at the hinge. Then Todd pushes the neck around to demonstrate. Our Voyage Air Guitar patented hinge is incredibly stable and has absolutely zero play when in playing position. If you grab ANY guitar by the neck and bend it like that, it will produce similar results. Additionally, at 2:30 Todd mentions that the BelAir has Humbucking pickups. The BelAir features "P90" pickups which are single coil, but larger so quite often people are fooled into think they are Humbucking.